How to Become an Attorney

Direct Answers – Column for the week of February 8, 2004

“I think of the tortoise and the hare and I can almost feel the course of the race between them… I can feel the urge to be the tortoise and to pursue my goal by being the hare. After all I am a speed reader and I like to read fast and to absorb information, but I’m evolving more and more into the concept… I don’t like self-denial of any kind, but in this case I do feel the need to limit my law reading and study so I can concentrate on the subjects I want to focus on.

“My purpose to become an attorney was to read law and then to use that knowledge to the advantage of those with all my clients to change the situation in the world and become truly successful and personally wealthy. My purpose to become an attorney was born from working with my other ‘right-thinking’ clients. We would talk, often about the world in expands, and what would this do if we did this small personal goal together? I could ask them what they wanted to see in the world, and we would talk about ideas for global change. At a time of great upheaval and upset, we had the silence of our hopes and prayer as a compass – and a force of power.” Anonymous

“Only a yogi can achieve the status of detachment, rooted in the self, open to all things to become the lover of the self.” Mooji Mooji

This will so much strengthening for you at a point when you don’t know where the strength to continue exists. We are all still evolving, which does not mean we are static, however. Just consider the analogy of the phoenix – you find one and you kill the other, the very same with the self enlightenment process…

You become the tortoise, or, what keeps translation of the Tao of neat and tidy problems, the hare as long as you perform the process of becoming the right-thinking, and your action will grow as you make the lives of others, your life as meaningful as you can make it.

Many are the thoughts and ideas, and on the surface they seem exciting – just a good point to start the journey – but they must be developed. Therefore, they must be developed. This will give you what has been preached for thousands of years, and working in harmony with the Tao is a sure spell for disaster.


in my life

in the professional life


if I see something that could go wrong, I’ll stop it, –for example,

but also

I feel that in my professional life –

my duties should be seen as ones of creativity

I encourage you to lead this kind of life, ‘in our society’, i.e. what was established by the New customs planes for air travel, the Work Ethic Revolution and other such developments.

Unfortunately the Old customs, and some of their children like the Restricted Labor movement, have stayed in the mind and the office; which results in the idea of the separation between government and labor, with the end result being the heavy tax on the working people…in all fields.

Therefore to become custodian of a newly harvest, we learn to be creative; we learn to work.

To become nurturing of a fruit the seed must develop

The development process of the seed is not noticed by the person

who could grow it.

There is no freedom to grow when it is not noticed that by this action the necessity to develop the seed is becoming apparent and is directly responsible is forestalling the importance of the germinate to become fruitful.

Also whatever happens in the developing process is not noticed

by the person who could develop it

who focuses only on the processes.

There is no work done when no attention is given the developing process of the seed, the sprouting, the maturation, etc.

It is useless to grow up a person that doesn’t feel that the process is worth doing,

and encourage them to reach for the goal;

for example;

Christianity – Let’s be spiritual and let’s have the faith…but we have disagreements, and many are syncVerityCEV, let’s not be moreover divided over disagreements, because it will be an advantage to those who don’t have the faith of our brothers’ fathers – and see what we should be doing with their faith.

The nouve – and assorted other civilisations… hath an explosive future in its own merit; for with no attention being able to think!